Ivan Gette is a Berlin based abstract painter and gallery owner of Notagallery. He uses art and colour to mirror the modern media – time with the experiences, meaningful people connections and the mediation of emotions. Lending from his personal history and identity, his boldly interpretative, color-coded work represents how society interacts, encounters and expresses moments and stories.
He describes his style as “abstract nihilism”, which explains his impulsive way of creating art in total freedom, not being guided by rules and restrictions. 

His abstract works invite the viewer to have a dialogue and confrontation with the artist.
their belief systems.

“Art is only as good as the feelings it creates in you.” – Ivan Gette 


MAR 2019: Group Exhibition “Silent Perceptions” I Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg 

DEC 2019: Group Exhibition “Loud Strokes” I Audemars Piquet House, Munich 

JUN 2019: Solo Exhibition “Story of a color” I NoHo, Hamburg 

AUG 2019: Solo Exhibition “Story of a color” I Gentlemans Circle, Berlin 

AUG 2022: Group Exhibition “Gekaufte Liebe” I Notagallery, Berlin 

MAR 2023: Group Exhibition “Ambivalent” I Notagallery, Berlin 

APR 2023: Solo Exhibition “Matryoschka” I Red Eight Gallery, London